Our Charity: Paint Gives Back

Paint Gives Back is a charity set up by the founders of Paint beauty. Paint Gives Back is a movement – it’s a way of life – a commitment to yourself that we (at Paint) want to help you make. So many times people suffer in silence. The idea behind Paint Gives Back is to be able to offer services beyond your beauty appointment. It’s well known that to many, a self-care appointment, wether that be nails, lashes, facials, brows or a massage is an opportunity to take time out for yourself, a time for you to off-load, reset and even reflect on the chaos of life! 

Mental health and any kind of abuse are very important issues that can ALWAYS be spoken about within all Paint Salons. A safe space with no judgment. 

As beauty therapists, we are in the position where we see clients asking/needing help beyond their appointment and we wanted to create a charity that will allow us to be able to offer funding for support beyond the salon!

Our Paint Gives Back charity is funded by everyone who attends appointments, for every appointment attended 2% from every single appointment transaction will go into our Paint Gives Back charity fund. 

We have 2 main purposes of Paint Gives Back:

  1. Get One. Give One – Every time you book (and attend) an appointment you will be able to nominate a friend, family member, anyone who deserves a FREE treatment. At the end of every month we will review how many appointments we are able to give for free and choose the amount of nominees randomly. The recipients of these treatments will be giving a financial amount to spend but will be able to pay additionally to upgrade their appointment if they want a higher value treatment. Nominate someone here: http://paintnailsandbeauty.com/paint-get-one-give-one-application-form/
  2. Another key purpose of the charity is to fund a qualified mental-health therapist, so that when we do identify a client who is in need of help or support beyond our capabilities (or professional capacity) – we are able to offer them a call straight away FREE OF CHARGE so that they can discuss their needs with a professional. 

Additionally, we hope that our charity can: 

  • Support and even host events throughout the year to continue to raise awareness of mental health, self care, abuse survivors.
  • Train and educate all Paint staff so that they are able to support and refer where necessary and identify any underling issues with our clients.

We believe everyone is entitled to self care and to feel worthy, beautiful and listened to. A woman’s mental and physical health is often side-lined and quite often, we do not make ourselves a priority! 

Paint Gives Back is ALL about supporting women! Because the reality is this: We cannot drink from an empty cup! We cannot give to others if there is nothing in us to give.